10 2024 Capricorn Nail Designs That Energize Main Characters

This trendy balletcore nail design has a very Capricorn vibe, especially if you're obsessed with the coquette ribbon trend that's currently all the rage. Warm brown tones and a classic tortoiseshell print are expertly combined.

Classic Bow Nail Art

This espresso-colored manicure, which was inspired by lattes, captures the hard-working spirit of Capricorns who are focused on their careers.

Espresso Nail

If you want your nails to look like a starry midnight sky with a Capricorn-esque effect, paint your nails a sheer grey polish first, then add the twinkling stars (which are surprisingly simple to make at home).

Celestial Detail

If you're a fan of French manicures, consider switching out the classic stark white polish shade for a more contemporary shade that is creamy vanilla.

Creamy Vanilla French Tip

Aura nails, which were worn by Halle Bailey and Megan Fox among other celebrities, had a major coming-of-age in 2023. Using celestial gold details and neutral brown nail polishes, create a Capricorn-inspired version of the look.

Earthy Aura Nail

In case you missed it, Capricorn season falls squarely in the middle of the holiday season. The deep "cherry mocha" color and shimmering emerald design are festive without being overly obvious.

Abstract Holiday Tip

Timeless classic manicures are a favorite of Capricorns. For classic nails with a hint of something extra, adorn your nude nails moment with tiny black love hearts.

Itty-Bitty Heart Nail Art

This dreamy set, featuring distinct 3D ripples and painted in an earthy polish color palette that is Capricorn-approved, is a big plus for SZN.

3D Ripple

With shades of olive green reminiscent of the army, this watercolor-inspired marbling nail art pays homage to the military nature of the sign.

Green Marbled Swirl

Chrome nails with color are very trendy for the Capricorn season and beyond. Subtle 3D detailing gives these green-tipped chromatic Frenchies even more boldness.

Green Chrome French Tip

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