Bart Reiter Banjos

What do the different tone rings sound like?

Firstly, they are all bright sounding. The basic rolled brass tone ring has a good tone and is adequate for most needs, The Whyte Laydie has a quick response - the notes jump right off the head. But they also decay a little sooner than with other tone rings. This may actually be a reason why the Whyte Laydie is the most popular tone ring for claw hammer and frailing styles. The Tubaphone tone ring has more sustain and is a little louder.

The Bacon tone ring is very bright, similar to an arched top tone ring. The internal resonator brings out the bass and gives a more powerful fourth string. Incidentally, the internal resonator does not make the banjo louder. When used in conjunction with an internal resonator the best of both treble and bass are achieved.

A bracket shoe band added to the rim gives a fuller, richer sound enhancing the tone.

Remember, nothing affects the tone more than head tension. A loose head is plunky and a tight head is loud and bright. The only way to learn how tight a head can go is to break a few. Then one has gone too far.

My banjo doesn’t play or sound like it used to. I think that the neck is warped, or something.

A customer is always welcome and encouraged to ship their banjo back to Bart Reiter Banjos via U.P.S. for adjustment. The is no charge to have the banjo set up again to original factory specifications. Your banjo will be returned the following day from which it was received. The head will be tightened, string height set, frets leveled and truss rod adjusted.

Your dealer from which the banjo was purchased may be able to perform adjustments.

My friends say my banjo needs a new neck. This one is warped and doesn’t play in tune.

Please ship the banjo back via U.P.S. and it will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the original owner. It is most likely that only a basic truss rod adjustment is required. Most necks need an adjustment after they go through the first cycle of seasonal changes. After that most necks stabilize and need no further adjustment.

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